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        Dare Evolution

            A Retrospective Study of DARE Subtantive Effects not Detected in Undergraduates.cmap
            Assessing the need for curriculum or delivery revisions to the DARE K-4 visitation lessons.cmap
            Community Prevention Education Continuum.cmap
            DARE National client survey 2007.cmap
            Effects of the National Youth AntiDrug Media Campaign on Youths.cmap
            Good reasons for ignoring good evaluation The case of the drug abuse resistance education program.cmap
            How Effective is Drug Abuse Resistance Education.cmap
            Promotion as Prevention Positive Youth development as protective against.cmap
            The CAP study, evaluation of intergrated univeral and selective.cmap
            The effectiveness, appropriateness and fit of DARE in Canadian Schools Responding to Criticisms about the Program.cmap