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            CLASS 2021 UWI SVM GR E
            LAB 7 - Bull Castrations

                Advantages and disadvantages of elastrator bander.png
                A review of the short scrotum method of castration in lambs.url
                Arterial supply.jpg
                BULL REPRODUCTIVE TRACT.png
                Bull Wallpaper.jpg
                BURDIZZO CLAMP.jfif
                burdizzo clamping method.jpg
                burdizzo clamping procedure.mp4
                BURDIZZO CLAMPING SITES.gif
                Burdizzo use.jpg
                Calculated drugs for CASTRATION.docx
                callicrate bander.jpg
                Callicrate bander.url
                Castration in horses.url
                Castration weblink.url
                Cattle castration guidelines.url
                CLOSED METHOD OF CASTRATION.cmap
                Correct positioning of Elastrator bands.gif
                Drug table doc.url
                Elastrator banding.url
                elastrator tool.png
                EMASCULATING COWS.png
                garbage bags.jpg
                Google do with Sig and PP.url
                Immunocastration in pigs.url
                Injecting Lidocaine for the Local Blocks.jpeg
                Lab 7 - Bull Castrations.cmap
                Lab 7 - Bull Castrations- FINAL.cmap
                lidocaine injection into the testicles.jpg
                link to website.url
                MONITORING PROTOCOL.url
                Open-closed Method (Clamping of the Retracted Testicle with a Hemostat).mp4
                Open-closed Method (Clamping of the Retracted Testicle with a Hemostat).url
                Open-closed Method (Retraction of the Testicle).mp4
                Open-closed Method (Retraction of the Testicle).url
                Open Methods of Castration (Google Doc).url
                Open-open Method (Clamping).url
                Open-open Method (Clamping).mp4
                Pe website.url
                physical restraint.jpg
                POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS.cmap
                short scrotum castration.jpg
                SICK COW.jpg
                Signalment and physio parameters google doc.url
                spermatic chord diagram.jpg
                Spraying after Open Castrations.mp4
                Spraying after Open Castrations.url
                staggered pattern.jfif
                strangle knot.url
                Table 2 showing the advantages and dsadvantages of the Emasculatome.png
                Table 3 showing the advantages and dsadvantages of chemical and immuno-castration.png
                Testes after both Methods were done.jpeg
                Testicular anatomy.PNG
                Testicular anatomy for open-closed.PNG
                Testis blood supply.jpg
                Tetanus antitoxin and goats.url
                The Open-open Method.jpeg
                Types of sutures.png
                Untitled 1.cmap
                Using emasculatome in a buck.url
                WEB LINK.url
                Website for PE.url
                Welfare implications.url