Povidone Iodine Prep Solution

Povidone Iodine Prep Solution
Povidone iodine prep solution has been found to kill bacteria (including antibiotic resistant), fungi, viruses, protozoa and yeast. This multi-purpose topical solution contains 10 percent povidone iodine USP, 1 percent available iodine, for broad-spectrum germicidal action. Povidone iodine prep solution is appropriate for pre-surgical patient preparation (as a paint, wet soak or spray); disinfecting of wounds and burns; and emergency antiseptic treatment of lacerations and abrasions. It also acts as a prophylactic anti-infective agent, providing protection against possible post-operative infection of incisions. Povidone iodine prep solution is virtually non-irritating to skin, wounds and mucous membranes and is virtually non-staining to skin and natural fabrics. A golden brown film formed by the solution when allowed to air dry, delineates the treated areas.

Note that 4 ounce size bottles are available by special order.

Available in 2 oz bottles: individual, 10-pack, case of 48